Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Wacky Wednesday; 1974 Series 6

Another week and another series......6.

My wrapper, and unopened pack.

The puzzle.

The checklist gum stain included. There is a variation checklist that lists Goodman's and Spills Bad instead of Spill Bros. and Goonman's.  There are 33 stickers and I have all but one.

Sugar Cigar Crisp.

Besides that one there are 2 tough stickers to get (I have them) Truant and Run-a-Way, both $6.00 each, the rest of the stickers (exc. Cigar Crisp) are $3.00.

That a wrap for this week. I hope your hump day was good.


  1. Always enjoyed the Ill-Tempered Sneer sticker. I've grabbed a couple of these in my recent Wacky revival - AirRaid and Peter Pain. Mold Rush is in my comc cart but you know how that goes.

    That sticker really brings back memories.

  2. Cool to see that Whitman's Sampler boxes haven't really changed in 40-something years.