Monday, June 1, 2020

I figured it out. An evening read.

I mentioned lately and more than once that I had been going overboard with the SportLots thing. Way overboard. I still have 300 cards in my cart as I type. I have a ton load waiting to post, mainly the Braves but some PC guys too. I also am still waiting on a package that I believe is just not going to show up. The seller seems defensive, so I may have to file an issue to get refunded. By the time I publish I may have already done so. If it isn't today's mail I will. That will be my first real issue on the site.

Anyways, as the post title leads to, I finally figured out why I was going overboard on the site.

One of my hobby goals for this year was to clean up my room and put some organization to my collection that had gone wild in the time I have been in Georgia (but was not in good shape before that either).

I made my decision in mid January to avoid mass gatherings (I paid attention) to that Chinese Dr. that was posting about Covid 19 as far back as November, of course he thought it was a stronger SARS, and he ultimately died. They say because of the virus, and that may very well be true, but I felt at THAT time that the Chinese Gov't may have had something to do it.  We'll never know. Back to MY Collection clean up.

I brought a bunch of cards (in boxes) from FL. here, and started ordering pages and binders.....literally every two/three weeks. More pages and binders. Then it all stopped, yes I got my first order in March in and used up quickly and I ordered another batch. I was spending the money on binders and pages that I would have spent had I been going to the regular card shows. But that 2nd order in March (like March 10th), never came in. I had been spending my time paging up my cards, and when that stopped abruptly, is when I started looking for ways to occupy my time.....the time I was using to put my cards in binders.

Low and behold......What came in last week?......... My order from BCW..    So now I have pages and binders and although not spirited as before I am back to organizing what I have here. I just started my Leaf sets. 90% of Topps flagship (that is here) is already done, Bowman is done (what is here), Kellogg's is done, Post and Hostess too, a couple of Donruss and Fleer sets are done as well. I haven't touched Upper Deck at all yet, or Stadium Club, or any Pacific sets. Needless to say I have plenty to do. I will obviously have to get more pages and binders, but I think I am going to go slower maybe 1 order a month. Now, just stay off the card ordering sites while I bide my time.

Okay, that is a story and a half, so now let us gaze upon some of those baseball cards that came my way.

Some O-Pee-Chee...   vintage, and BTW, my OPC sets are about 97% done too.

One of the rabbit holes on Sportlots, is trying to maximize the shipping by hitting the card max. at a set rate. I tried to do that by grabbing up set builds, Braves, and PC guys at the .18 min. and occasionally .25/.30.  And I was pretty good at that except for guys like Bo, Lux, and Yordan. Pretty sure I scooped these for .50 or less though.

Rarely, would I grab multiples, but these Bowman Chrome were .50 each. I took all the guy had.
We'll see if I got my $2.50 worth in time.

Artist Proof's.

How about these .25 current Bowman's?  This is a good stopping point. I show some Braves tomorrow.


  1. Nice. I gotta get my wife to stop spending money on food and stuff so I can go get some of that!

  2. After all them binders, it'll be time for bookshelves!

    1. LOL. I have 3 already, and they're full, so my youngest daughter just picked up (or said she was going to) a 16' long heavy duty book shelving unit from a Dr's office that was remodeling for my Father's Day present. We'll see.

  3. I found a SportLots seller that had a string of a serial numbered set I wanted and then added on about 100 rookie football cards from two sets I dove into a while ago. Maxed out the shipping counts like you said and pulled the trigger.

    Of course, I've already got two of the odd inserts I added on in trade. *Sigh*

  4. I went on a Sportlots kick about a month ago... and stayed away from purchasing multiples too. But then I found one guy who had some first Bowman Eloy Jimenez cards that were super cheap, so I grabbed his whole inventory.

  5. I ordered pages in the midst of the shutdown and it took a month and a half to get the pages so I feel your pain there.

  6. Replies
    1. That's 97% of the sets that I had boxed up (and some of those aren't complete sets). Not 97% of all OPC.