Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Incoming and the BFG Friday line-up

Finishing up the previously ordered and received Sportlots cards.

Didn't need the Spahn No Hitter or the Albies and Bryse Pink. No way was I passing on .18 and .25 cards like those.

2019 Topps On Demand mini's. TWENT FIVE cents each except for the Albies/Acuna it was .40. I loaded up on PC guys at a quarter a piece too.


Paid $2 and change for the Klesko autograph.....ON CARD! The rest.....you guessed it .18-.25.

Panini Black Friday cards.......same thing!

Now the Blue and the Alvarez were not .18 or even .25. I believe they were .50.

$2.00 a piece for the Acuna leather & Lumber cards. The blue Swanson was .50. The next 4 cards were .18. And the Bowman Chrome National refractor's were .50.

I am pleased with this batch.  Very much so.

Now for the BFG line-up for this week. 7pm (EST) start.  Only player 1 (SCC) can pick early. Thirty minute time limit between plays.


Matt (Diamond Jesters)


Mike M



  1. Very nice pickups! I just recently became a Sportlots customer and I'm pretty happy so far. As for this week's BFG, I've got my Post-It reminders set up, lol.

  2. My favorite card from this haul... is that Fleer sticker. The next time I need some filler for my order, I'll have to remember to look for some 18¢ 80's Fleer stickers.

  3. I like the design of those Paninis!

  4. Nice haul...all them Panini colors are nice but still not enough pull to buy them.