Thursday, June 18, 2020

What to do about nothing?

Don't get me wrong, there is plenty to do. Always.......plenty to do. No, I didn't scan the last few packages from Sportlots so I could be done with them as mentioned in Tuesday's post. I still have not received one package from a seller I bought from many times. I've been waiting 3 weeks now. My guess the mail was delivered to someone else's house. I should have also received a large package from my daughter Christy which also hasn't showed up. My guess....those two are together. Lost forever. Sucks. The post office needs to be using GPS tracking on the carriers scanners so that if they aren't exactly where the package they just scanned is supposed to go it alerts them. It is not a complicated technology that requires some program to be written, it already exists. I actually have it on this laptop (basically a GPS alert)! Of course I don't use it anymore, but I damn sure did when I was working. In fact started using it in 2008. That damn alarm went off all of the time. I had it set to alert me whenever I was near (1/4 mile) of someone turning 65 in the next 6 months ( I did have to upload that data). Perfect every time, I made a bunch, um.....I mean I sold a lot of Medicare Supplement policies and picked up quite a bit of other business as well. The last which the renewals ended last year. Talk about getting off track.

And perfect lead into tracking numbers: I have some but they are too dang long, so here who is getting some stuff that I just made my first trip to the post office since early January.

Night Owl, OCT Tim, Arpsmith, Nick P, Mr. Hoyle, Jeremy D, and Kazi.

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