Sunday, June 21, 2020

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to all father's everywhere. I lost my dad back in 1998. I can only hope that he'd be proud of me. If he were still here today I know that he would be caring for his brother, my uncle who has been there for me like a dad since 1998. Hence, why I take care of him. Normally I would be taking him out to a Japanese Steak house so that we could have some good food and entertainment. Not this year for obvious reasons. So I am preparing some baby back ribs and garlic bread for us tonight. In a couple of hours we'll be chowing down.

To keep with baseball is a card.


  1. Kind of you to look after him, John. I hope the ribs turn out well!

  2. Hope you have a great Father’s Day John. You are more of a chef than I am. I’ve done ribs 4 or 5 times but I’m usually to tired to try something ambitious or if I do, it’s in the crock pot and sometimes is how I want them, sometimes not.
    I know it is a tough thing to medically take care of other family members and it shows the kind of person you are, as well as all of the giveaways, contests, games, and trade packages you have been doing lately.

  3. Ribs are good anywhere. Hope it was a good one.

  4. I'm sure your dad is super proud of you for taking care of his brother. You're a great nephew. By the way, Japanese steakhouse? Is that like teppanyaki? Where they cook in front of you? Regardless... ribs and garlic bread sound amazing too. Hope you had a great day with your uncle.

    1. The one here I've always taken him too for Father's Day and his birthday (Ichiban) is now permanently closed, sucks. Yes, Hibachi entertainment while they cook at your table. He always had a great time.

  5. Caring for your uncle gets you major points up above. Hope the food was delicious!