Thursday, June 4, 2020


These did not come from SportLots. lol.

As you can see these are by Dick Perez. They are 8x10 prints that came to me courtesy of an OCT bud in NY....We call him "Ole No Hit" but his real name is Don Roth.  Thank you so much Don.

Next up we have another BINGO qualifier, and when I say qualifier I mean for as many games as we play this year! (should we play more than 2 months).

These 2 horizontal needs came from Matt (Diamond Jesters). They came in a 9 pocket page with this sitting next to them.

Yeah right.

I needed all 6 of these too. Matt gets 2 cards 1 for June and 1 for July. And if we play more he'll get them too. BTW, reminder BINGO Night is Saturday June 20th at 8pm.


  1. Those Dick Perez prints are fantastic! Ever since I started pulling Diamond Kings out of packs of Donruss, I've been a fan of his work.

  2. I wonder if Topps thought of approaching Perez for their Project 2020?

    Glad you liked the cards, and again thanks for all you've sent my way!

  3. I love that note of Matt's!