Monday, June 8, 2020

cheap cards

I am a cheapskate when it comes to cards. But not always.

Sometimes, I spend .25-.50 on a card.

And other times a buck or two. Yes The Acuna too.

Back to .18-.25 cards which is really close to comfort zone. ( I still like thousands of cards at 10 for a penny).  :)

I paid up to .50 for these.

some of these too.

Minis. I think the green mini's were .50 or less, but I don't remember now.

These are at .50 or less as well.

Now tomorrow's post will be just 5 cards, and I didn't get them from SportLots. Meaning......they certainly didn't cost .18, but were still on the cheap.   You'll have to see them.


  1. A lot of great cards here. Those Musuem Collection setch cards in the last scan are beautiful!

  2. I enjoy a good deal... which is why I enjoy digging through dime boxes. But I'm also starting to focus on quality over quantity... which means when I tend to spend money on eBay, I'm more likely to buy one $20 card rather than one hundred 20¢ cards.

  3. Gotta love cheap cards in great condition. Looks like you did very well!