Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Getting close.

To start with an update from last night's post. I did get the "late" package from the Sportlots order, yea me. So to keep me from adding to my cart, I processed it. Now to just stay away once these come in. In sadder news, I finally requested shipment from ComC. It says September delivery. They suck! It doesn't take that long even with any restrictions they may have. The good news is that I might get them before my 9/16 birthday (making lemonade). Now that is getting close...just another 3 months. Wow, I love my humor. It makes me laugh, just kidding, but it does make me smile.

Let's start where I left off last night. Some Braves this go around.

A Gallery of Braves. Pun intended. player's private issue too.

Chrome Heritage.

Another Heritage Chrome and something called N43 from A&G. I hate (yes hate) that it is odd size.

Some extra shiny X-fractors and more Heritage Chrome.

More Gallery Private Issue and a couple of Artist Proofs.

More shiny and a good place to stop for tonight. See you Thursday with more......BTW, I. have added to my SL cart already......didn't last a half day. But, I am getting closer to finishing with the SportsLot stuff.


  1. September! Holy moly. I wonder if that's COMC just being super conservative about not knowing when things will reopen over there. I guess I'll keep adding to my pile for the next couple months.

  2. I requested shipment back in March (about ten days after they announced delays). They estimated that it would ship on 5/25 and be delivered on 5/31. I just checked and my cards still haven't shipped. I hope to receive my cards by September too.

    By the way, I understand the frustration with the odd size of the A&G N43 cards. I won an Alex Rodriguez bat relic in a contest years ago and I think I had to use a post card holder to store it.

  3. The way that Allen & Ginter Chipper Jones card is framed, it looks like the leaves are his hand.