Saturday, June 20, 2020

In the nick of time

I bet some of you are expecting something from or about one of our fellow blogger's named Nick. Nope, not this time. You see, I got a PWE from Fuji yesterday with some Braves that qualified him for tonight's BINGO game (and next month's too). That is just in the nick of time.

Mark squeezed ten cards into this PWE which also included 2 1985 Wacky re-run stickers and a Johnny Miller golf card. The rest were Braves, and I needed these 5.

Now 5 days ago I got a paypal message that P-Town had sent me a package. However, it still hasn't made it out of Illinois. I just checked and it says it is now on its way to the next facility.

This brings me to dang it.....I know there are going to be some Braves in there. I doubt there is any chance that it is going to be in my mail (been getting here at 6-7pm) today. I am thinking that I should have faith and drop a BINGO card on Tom before the game starts tonight at 8pm EST. What do y'all think?