Tuesday, December 31, 2019

2020 Looking ahead

As I did last year this list is 100% doable, and best part it is short.

#1) Stay away from "current year" blasters.

#2) Add at least 1 T206.

#3) Big one here. Update my "mini" collections. Try and at least consolidate them in an organized fashion. If I so happen to get them completely done (slim chance), well HUGE deal.

#4) Another big one. Straighten up the hundreds of set build boxes that are sitting in my bedroom back home in Ocala. Maybe consolidate them by brands and put into larger monster boxes to reduce the clutter (until I get them put into binders). Also this is similar, but get the Braves keepers that are also in my bedroom either put into binders or at least into larger boxes. In other words I need to "CLEAN MY BEDROOM".

#5) Shed some cards from the dupe boxes sitting in my garage back home. Should be easy to give away cards, right?  The biggest issue here.....Shipping. There is probably somewhere around a half million cards in monster boxes out in the garage. I'd like to get it down to hardly any. I know that isn't going to happen, but an attempt is a win here.

That's it folks. Those are plans. We'll see how I did a year from now.



  1. With the high cost of shipping, do you have any local options for selling or even donating cards to a decent charity that may make getting rid of them somewhat easier? Just considering the bulk of cards you are referring to.

    1. Medium Flat Rate boxes are the best shipping deal. My biggest issue is the time to go through them.

  2. Shipping sucks. With each care package I build this week... I keep thinking... I must be closing in on $100 worth of shipping fees.

    Anyways... best of luck on your 2020 goals! Happy New Year!

  3. My list is about three times the size of yours, and much less achievable. You have a lot of organizational goals, which I'm focusing on too. I wish I had a couple weeks (or even a month) back in the US to get my cards all properly sorted and inventoried.

    I gotta say, pack busting is quite expensive for what you get in return, though it's tons of fun. Avoiding blasters will be a great thing to do this year.