Friday, December 27, 2019

It's Friday

I couldn't have planned a better day for tonight's post. You see tonight's post are cards that just came in yesterday afternoon. Why is Friday the most appropriate day? Simple really, I ordered these cards on Black Friday from ComC. After the long wait to get them, I am ready to get them posted.

I didn't go all crazy that weekend, in fact this is the only thing I ordered that entire weekend including Cyber Monday. I put $200.00 in my ComC account, and barely spent half well 2/3. I have since spent the balance but those cards are still sitting in inventory.

With this order I tried to keep to Braves cards that I needed. I did that (90.%), but I also wanted to go after cards that I wouldn't normally go looking for. So, I came up with the idea of going after the cheapest autographs (preferably certified on card) I could grab. I didn't stray too much.

One such stray were these cards for my "Miller" binder.

These autos were "stray" picks up too.  Podres and Alou were super great deals. O'Hearn and Beckham are for the Birthday binders. Kearns was just so cheap, like .50.

Hanson refractor I needed as well as the Gold Rush/Sparkle Uggla.

Turns out I didn't need the Limited Exposure 97' Limited Javy Lopez. That's okay becaude it fits into the broken bat binder.

I strayed here too.

There you have it. My Braves autographs got a huge boost. The avg. cost per card broken down to about a buck 50. I think I did pretty good.

Have a safe weekend.


  1. That Johnny Podres auto is to notch! He's got a bunch of them out there, but that's one of the better looking one's that I've seen.

  2. Nice COMC haul. Just picked mine up on Friday and had a blast sorting through it.
    As for your cards... like Jon... I was drawn to the Podres autograph. It's a cool set.