Thursday, December 5, 2019

ComC Florida part 2

Here is the first batch of Braves from that order that sat down in Ocala, for 2 months.

A very colorful batch. 

Topps Now, On Demand, and a couple of Variations from this year's flagship.

1 more On Demand and more variations from flagship.

A few Throwback Thursday's.

Topps Holiday (but they should be called Bowman Holiday in my opinion).

Some Panini for you.  Notice the serial numbers on Dansby. I would've much rather they mix up the color a bit too.

The first Albies is the regular version. Acuna is a die cut, and are both of the lower Albies (the numbered card is the gold version).

A few PNT.  Remember when Panini was licensed? Man those cards were awesome, and these would be too with logos.

I guess the same could be said with these too. But they really aren't that bad.

I'll wrap up this package tomorrow with another very colorful lot.