Tuesday, December 24, 2019


For those who don't know I have a mini collection that has an official title of NAME GAME. I started a binder several years ago before starting to care first for my mom and uncle (shortly after starting this blog). Although it has been all but abandoned (I like it too much to ditch it), the binder sits unattended back home. That doesn't mean I haven't worked on the collection. I've been collecting and continuously adding names for the collection.

Here's how it works: I take an "athlete" and find other athletes or celebrities/famous person with the same name or very very similar. Simple, right? Well, sometimes finding trading cards with the other names isn't easy, and on occasion impossible or just too damned expensive.

I've called upon the talents of the blogosphere's own DefGav on more than one occasion. The last time (which was a LONGGGGG time ago) I made a list for Gavin. And when I say a list it was HUGEEEEEEEEEEEE. I know Gavin wanted to shoot me (probably still does, lol). I made it worth his time initially, however it was an extremely daunting task, and was tearing him up. So, I doubled down and perked up the kitty, and alas I have my list (almost 100%). I promise I won't do that again. I will do as asked to keep the list short. That will also be hard on me as I probably need a couple hundred more, lol. Those aren't on a list for the most part. I have one started and in just one category, but I stopped around a hundred. Next year I'll drop a few at a time on him to keep it short and sweet.

Meanwhile, I have to say that the wait was worth it (after all I did say NO RUSH). Gavin's talents for customizing cards is fantastic. Perfect Fronts and backs with the backs sometimes being the highlight. I have no idea why Topps (or Panini for that matter) doesn't scoop him up for card design ideas. Tonight I'll be hosting an ART SHOW. It will be a 2 day event with day two coming Thursday.   BTW:  free admission.

(It's also his birthday today- so give him a shout)

Now, all of the cards on my list (see yesterday's post) did not have their match here in Valdosta with me. Some are back in Ocala in a box. I did however have most of them here waiting for their companions.

There is also a Dustin Hoffman custom in the future as the original character in the The Graduate.

Bill's companion is back home.

No companion for Billy here either.

Bing's little brother did quite well for himself too.


When I made this list I didn't have the FB card on the left. he was known at the time for the world's fastest human. Go figure he has son (Jr) playing college ball now.

Most Bob's are actually Robert's.

The counterpart is in Florida.

Remember Becca?

Just perfect.

I have to say that Coach was one of my favorite shows back in the day. (This card pairing is explained below).

 Typo here: Don Brown would be correct and the pairing is back home. In Gavin's defense he also corrected a typo of my own on my list for the above Craig T. Nelson card.  I'm going to have to chase down famous people for those two to have a pairing.

We all know the counterpart here, the new manager for the Chicago Cubs. I still need to yank out a dupe for this binder.

There is also the National Golf Shop chain: Eddie Watts Golf.

As a kid I loved Hunter. My kind of cop show. (My youngest daughter is also named Hunter).

Dual career athletes' are a plus.

This is the cut point for day one of the ART SHOW. Consider this a teaser as there are some kick butt customs set for Thursday. You can see the "most excellent" work done by Gavin. AMAZING!
Thank you kind sir, I'll finish this tribute to your talent day after tomorrow.


  1. Wow, that is a lot of names, most of which I had never heard of before. It must've taken quite a bit of research on both your parts.

  2. Glad you're happy with the cards!

  3. Totally remember Becca! Merry Christmas John!