Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Did I get something from the North Pole?

Or was is the other Nick from Dime box? It was addressed N.P. Okay okay, it was a package from Nick.

I did need the Silver Prizm Wilson for sure, and I'm not positive which Blue that first one is. Wonderful Monds there closed out the team set for the Fleer. The 2 Collector's Choice cards there were a big surprise tome as they are from the Traded set which I didn't know existed. I'll have to track down the rest of the Braves (apx 6 more). Freeman is from the newly released Chrome Update is you can call it that. I do have the team set enroute to me, but Freddie is a PC guy so it's all good. Colon Xfractor, parallel Chipper and the Smoltz too were all needs. in fact all of the cards here tonight were needs.

Nick packaged this lot in a big envelope probably because that Javy autogph came inside the sealed package. I of course freed him from that prison.

Lots of the Jones boys here, and that top middle Chipper is the Twizzlers card.

Rounding out the Braves needs with these Dover reprints. Thanks Nick for the fantastic package.

Night all!


  1. That COA is pretty interesting unto itself, as I've never seen one issued by TREAT before.

  2. Glad you enjoyed everything, and I'm so happy to hear you broke Javy out of his prison! I actually found it in the trash heap at work and wanted to free it myself, but figured it'd be better to let you make the decision in the end.

  3. I'd love to see someone write a post on those TREAT autographs. I've always wondered how many different players signed for them.