Saturday, December 7, 2019

Pearl Harbor Day

As per my usual my Pearl Harbor annual tribute in cards for the most part. But first, My condolences go out to those victims and their families from the shooting there just a few days ago and also to those at the Naval base in Panama City, Fl.  Some people are just nuts like the country song says. God is Great, beer is good , and people are crazy. Thank you for all those who served and especially to those families who lost loved ones on this date.

Remembering this day.


  1. A day that I hope we never forget because of the sacrifices many made. Very interesting cards for sure!

  2. Every year I say I'm gonna grab this Tuff Stuff set. Maybe this is the year it finally happens.

    1. When I get back to my house more permanently, I'll look to see if I have anymore sets. Just keep reminding me.