Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Cards from Matt & Marc

Matt of Diamond Jesters sent along these additions to my Braves collection.

Gold, Blue, Red, Glossy, and a Durham Bull. All needs.

I am loading up the vehicle for the trip tomorrow. So 1 more inbound set of cards tonight.

Marc (Remember the Astrodome) hit me up with some needed Braves.

Gypsy Queen labels the Johnson there as purple, but I'll just call it Pink for my purposes.

A bunch of Diamond Kings for that collection.

And Marc sent along some cards for a set build too.


  1. I always have Braves kicking around. maybe I should PWE you some sometime when I get more stamps on hand :)

  2. That GQ definitely looks more pink than purple. ;)

  3. Thanks again for the trade - I still owe you some Braves!