Friday, December 20, 2019

With Baseball in the background

Baseball should be in the background by now, but no....No No No... December has brought us our first two elections for the HOF, and February 3rd will bring us Topps 2020 series 1. I seriously believe in my heart, that there shouldn't be any cards out there for Spring Camp, and then that should be Bowman with all their "prospects" that 90% will never get their cup of coffee. Topps should hold off bringing us Series 1 at the beginning of the season. Then AFTER opening Day bring us Opening Day with pictures not used in series 1 and won't be in series 2. In fact should ONLY contain cards from actual OPENING DAY.

Now I'm not really bitching, I just needed a lead in for tonight's post. Knowing that I will begin the very tedious job of organizing my many "mini collections" in the coming year or at least I hope to do so.

Here are my already scanned Braves in the Background, an idea I took from Alex Markle back in the day (5/6 years ago). You'll find all kinds of sets here.

McCann definitely gets a lot of action in this mini series.

And a lot of action from everyone else too.

The Lofton card up top, blows my mind. How'd they do that. and who is that Brave?

I'm sure there are dupes scanned here, but the organization should clear that up, at least I hope it does.

That Olson card in the middle has to be one of the best card backs ever.

There you have all the Braves in the Background that I have scanned. I have a whole bunch more that I'll have to go through, and then I'll list them so that I know which ones I have.

Have a great weekend.


  1. FWIW, I like your ideas, especially with Bowman being an early release so we can watch the young guys play in Spring Training while opening their cards.

  2. So much great baseball action on these cards. Makes me want to run down to the local park with a bat, ball, and glove.