Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Shadow Shots.....The Last one.

Steadily approaching the end of the year and this post will close out the Theme. Someone else feel free to dig out those junk wax dupes boxes and have it. I'll still keep dupes with some shadows on them and build up another stack of 500 or so before I consider bringing the theme back. The next time I will have bindered up all that I have done thus far and didn't throw back into the dupes boxes. That will prevent showing the same card over and over again as I will also have made an excel sheet listing the Shadow cards shown.

So without further ado........

1) starfish
2) some type of weapon
3) I'll leave this last shdow up to you folks.

It's been fun!


  1. 1. T-Rex
    2. Spear Gun
    3. A Turkey

  2. Some sort of long tailed animal, a gun, a stalk of corn.

    This was a fun series. Thanks for doing it.