Friday, December 13, 2019

While I was away

When I got back last night I had a package in the mailbox from Brian over at HSCA. It was quite the package. Brian included a note that he had been working on a return for a previous package when I sent him 6 (six) 59' Topps cards. I point out the SIX 59's for a reason.

All Braves needs.

Yes, that is a 1948 Bowman, leaving me with just Spahn left for the team set to be complete.

1964 Topps Alou! I didn't even know I needed, but I did. I don't remember what the previous package was I sent to Brian, but those above would suffice the six 59's. Brian had sent several other Braves that my want list said I needed, but I didn't. Then he included the following.......

Big help for 59 set build plus a pair of 64's and a 67' for icing on the cake.  Thanks Brian, I'll try and get those modern era Twins out to you soon.


  1. I still can't decide how I feel about those Walgreens parallels. For some weird reason the color reminds me too much of urine.

  2. Geez, just has those lying around, huh?

  3. Dang. Don't see 48 Bowmans too often.

  4. Awesome, glad they made it safe and sound!

  5. That Crown Royale Maddux sure is something, I know for a fact that I've never seen one of those before!