Monday, December 16, 2019

The 90's.

The 90's produced a whole bunch of baseball cards. Everywhere, people were told to collect them. invest in them only to find them practically worthless at least from the investment standpoint. Time and time again dealers/vendors have to break someone's heart or piss them off in many cases (they usually feel like they are being ripped off or trying to be). Even I have to give that news to someone here and there. The good news is (or maybe it is bad news) that there will always be cards for your collection that you need or want. Whether a team collector, set builder, or even a player collector there will always be some 90's cards to acquire.

The above cards are custom cards made by Jeremy of Topps cards that never were. I recently sent him whatever Rays cards I had here in Valdosta. (I've since been home and grabbed up some more to send to him). Meanwhile, Jeremy sent me some Braves.

No that first card isn't backwards by mistake. I did that on purpose. You see that is the GOLD hologram version (a 1992 parallel). In fact Jeremy must have a complete set because he sent me all but 6 of the Braves (SOMEHOW THOSE 6 WEREN'T ON MY WANTLIST). Gold and Gold Rush too.

Cyber Stats. Now take notice to the bottom row center Glavine. It is the 1996 Topps World Series parallel (for the Braves). Jeremy sent about a third of those Braves. And the Power Booster Star Power card. Let's not forget the Silver parallel of the 1995 collector's Choice SE.

International Bowman, Hobby Reserve Maddux.

Another Bowman international, and the Premium Stock parallel from 1997 Score.

1998 Pacific Crown.

You see there are always 90's cards that a collector needs.

Plenty of oddball sets like the Score Hottest 100, and minor league cards too.

Inserts abound.

Jeremy also managed to drop a few from this century.

Like the 2019 Aaron insert and Acuna Pink.  Thanks Jeremy for the great additions. I'll have more out to you real soon.


  1. Those 90's cards take me back. I had a bunch of Score Gold Rush baseball and hockey cards back in 1994. I thought Topps Cyber Stats cards were so cool back then too. I must have traded for 10-15 of them. I wish I still had that stuff. I needed this little bit of nostalgia tonight. Thanks!

  2. Jeremy always has some good cards.

  3. The beauty of most of those 90's cards being "practically worthless" is I'm now able to own cards I could only dream of back in the day. That being said... there are some cards that were produced that have skyrocketed. They're few and far between... but they're there. Just ask any Michael Jordan collector. Some of his rare inserts have skyrocketed in recent years. And then there's the SP Jeter rookie card. I can't believe I didn't buy one back in the mid 90's.

    1. I still don't own one of those 1993 Jeter SP cards (I need two).