Monday, December 2, 2019

I didn't know

Due to today being Cyber Monday and all, I won't eat up much of your time.

I didn't know about this insert from Topps. If I did I probably blew it off. I somehow wound up with this card for my PC. Can you spot the error?

This is the backside of the card showing the correct version.   Do you see it now?


  1. I remember that being such a weird insert set, with very contrived "errors". Neat idea but usually the only naturally occurring errors having to do with the photo are a reverse negative or an incorrect player shown. Here they just edited something in or out of the photo.

  2. I liked the set in theory, but it's hard to tell on card and having to flip back and forth. But I didn't dislike the set.

  3. It took me a few seconds... but I finally saw the bat knob.

    1. Seriously? Wow I guess that is it. I didn't spot that and might not ever. As Wilson said the "errors" tend to be very contrived. I recall getting a few of these from the pack or two I opened that had them. I think I have 3 or 4 cards from this insert set. One (like the card in this post) was a very difficult one to find. The others if I recall were a little easier, but not super easy.

  4. I have some of these and have always struggled to find the errors. Maybe I should show them to my kids who love those "find the differences" pictures in children's magazines.