Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Braves goodies

My next to the last ComC order came in a week or so ago. (The Black Friday order still has to ship).

Went looking for some Miller's for that binder. Wound up finding a "dual binder" trio. Three different Ralph Miller's.

Here are the backs of the two that played ball.

A couple of Printing plates for the Braves binders.

A HOFer and a newbie.

 Aybar and Newcombe are not dupes, one of each is the base card I needed. All of the others are the Metallic parallel.

I decided to grab up some more Sapphire edition cards.

A whole lot more.  I'm not sure why Topps decided to make the Sapphire Edition cards for this year not be BLUE! But, oh well.

Grabbed up a handful of Cognac's too.

Finishing off with a pair of 2019's. The Spahn is the hot box version.

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