Friday, December 6, 2019

ComC Florida third and final

this is the last of the cards that was sitting in Ocala for 2 months. Finally. I just got another Comc order today, but that it for another day. I promised colorful and here it is.

RWB, Orange and Green donuts, These are easy to figure out which they are.

Blue MoJo. Somewhat easy too. (But there several blue parallels that are not numbered, not so easy).

Pink easy too, but the Blue. First I thought they were the blue prizms, but now I'm thinking Navy Blue.

Hyper Red, Zebra, and Purple.

Top card is the Silver prizm, the next two were base cards I needed, and the last two are Power Plaid.

I'm thinking these are Hyper Blue, but not sure and that Wilson seems a little different but could just be the background.

Hyper Purple/Green.

Red MoJo.

I said it would be colorful. I put one heck of a dent in the Braves needs with this haul, but still nowhere near complete. Not even half way.


  1. Had no clue there were so many different Prizm parallels. I guess Panini can't let Topps monopolize the excessive parallels card market too ;)

    1. Here here Fuli. My eyes My eyes, god there a ton of prizm designs available IMO taking fun out of collecting when for any team or PC you have to get hundreds of the exact same picture and design just with varying colors not a fan here....

  2. Henry (from Cardboard Greats) would really like this post, although he might end up trying to persuade you to trade these :)