Monday, December 2, 2019

ComC Florida part 1

I had no plans on doing very much shopping yesterday, other than maybe ComC. Which reminds me that I finally picked up that package from months ago that was sent to Ocala. Remember me bitching about it? Well, I did anyway if not here on the blog in my mind and to ComC. I finally picked it up and I will have to break it into a few posts. This was the first time I had actually placed a large order. I had it shipped back home to avoid paying taxes. This was before I learned how to avoid that all together.

Tonight I'll start off with the vintage non-Braves cards I added to my collection.

White letter Trophy Cup, done!

Added a 52'.

Before I bought that binder late September I had ordered this Herzog. And yes, I still needed it after the binder and the Ebay lot.

Gibson, is probably the most cracked up star. Bench is n't too bad and neither is the Seaver up top which was the priciest of them all. The rest are really nice and even flat. Only one actually had that normal bow in it. With just these cards you can see why I was so anxious about getting the package.

I start the Braves additions Thursday.


  1. Cracks or no cracks... 1970 is my all-time favorite Kellogg's set.

  2. The more I see 52's, the more I like them!