Friday, April 27, 2018

Trade post

This trade came from that vintage haul that Bo picked up.

I've scanned my favorites from the the trade, starting with these 4 common 1966 Topps cards. This is probably my favorite Topps vintage set, of course I'd feel this way it is my birth year. Yes, that makes me old, nah....

Here's a great one from 1967. HOFer, Brave, so why not.

A fist full of 68's. I'll have to upgrade that first one, but no biggie as eventually when all is said and done, I need 5 of this card. Braves team (got it), set build (got it), and 3 for the PC's.

Some 69's.

My 2nd favorite of the entire shipment. This is the first of 3 of these that I need, so this one will be placed into the Trophy Cup binder (eventually).

Another nice 69, but not my favorites......

This one is. I need not say anything else other than thank you Bo for this trade.

Have a great night and weekend!

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