Saturday, April 14, 2018

Once upon a Cubbie

Matt of Once a Cub fame started a new blog about 2018 Topps opening Day. Matt bought and busted a case. He sent out team sets to all who followed plus gave away a couple of sets. I got my Braves, plus a few more.

 My 2018 Opening Day Braves. Plus 2 inserts.

Matt also sent along these Braves that I needed.

And these two were needed as well.

Now Matt also was trying to hit my "Original Franken-Set" 

 #654, now being occupied by Mr. HOF Joe Torre.

#800 with Mr Future possible HOFer maybe Andruw Jones.

Now the next two, do hit the numbers needed, but a slight problem.

My Franken-Set Braves binder is strictly all extras, and although I have these 2 in the team set already (I just need #28 Chipper for that) I still needed them in the set build, which is where these two are headed, but not to sigh as I've placed them in my CardBarrel cart to take care of this problem. So, Matt technically hit that binder 4x.  Thank you.

Have a great night.

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  1. Thanks for the support! Glad you needed some of the others!