Wednesday, May 2, 2018

This is "whacked" Wednesday

I bought this set last week for under $10.00 delivered. It was a buy it now on Ebay while a dozen others were listed all between $28.99 plus shipping and $49.00. Tell me why.

Now, I needed the set for my Braves collection, but due to the high numbering on the Braves here I needed some for the Franken-Set as I already had a few of them. Jewett btw if it was an extra would make the Holiday binder as his birthday is on Halloween. Not worth $40.00.

Houston played a few games in the bigs, still not worth $40.00.

Okay so there is Chipper, still not a $40.00 set. Oh, I see a bubble gum (Karcher) I now need an extra of.

Hubbard certainly doesn't make this a $40.00 set, no offense Glenn. So why is this set so darn high? You can actually grab the Chipper (if you were nuts) for $10.00 all day long. I wouldn't pay but a buck for the card myself. It is a ProCards set, and a cheesy one at that, but cool all the less. I still need the humpdeen other minor league braves sets many with this same design.

Okay, I vented. I feel better now.

Have a great night.


  1. I liked this design better after realizing it's supposed to look like a scout's notebook.

  2. Online sellers are always hiking the prices of minor league sets, especially if there's a player in the set to go on to a notable career. It drives me crazy. It's the "rookie-investment" myth tarnishing minor league cards, which aren't meant to be treated that way.

  3. I've been eyeballing a 1994 ProCards team set for a few years (it has the only card of my childhood buddy). It's worth a buck or two at the most (no stars), but I've never seen it fall below $6. I know that $6 for a card of one of my closest friends from childhood is a steal. But it's the principal. I'm patient.

  4. I always got a kick out of this design.