Friday, April 20, 2018

Left overs again???????

Yep, no secret recipes or food fixers today. Just some more from that Ebay Braves oddball win. I was lazy and didn't scan these until last night. Pretty sure this is the last of it. But it will be filling if ya know what I mean.

An old bumper sticker.

Medium pennant and a membership card to the 400 Club.


This looks like it was cut out from a magazine. I like it.

This apparently was cut out of something of cardboard, I'm thinking a figurine box or something like that. Maybe even a milk carton. I don't know, but I have two.

Several of these.

Window decal of the 400 Club.

I wonder if the WB knows about these, lol.

 This looks like it could be a blog header. I just wouldn't know how to do it. Would've made a great night card, wait a minute, this shot probably does appear on cardboard some where. Who's gonna do that research cuz it ain't me.  lol.  If I was the Braves I'd of bitched about the 2 Cubs in the forefront, lol.

Now, that we've finished the appetizers, let's look at the main course (the filling portion).


Yes sirs and mams, this filled up the entire scanner bed. Hey, I only said no food fixes, or recipes. I didn't say there wouldn't be food references.

This was cut out from some 11x14ish magazine.

Team issued 8x10's.

 Another HUGE piece taking up the entire scanner bed.

The back side calls this a card. Produced by the Atlanta Journal to raise money for the the Braves Foundation. It's even serial numbered. Oh my, lol.

The next 4 are also from the Journal and are also called "cards" just a tad smaller than the one above. More like a 8.5x10.5.

Hopefully your bellies are full, no just your eyes. After all, most of fill our plates with our eyes.

Have a great night!


  1. Lol. I'm an idiot. I just spent the past 15 minutes analyzing that Brave New World photo... only to find out that it was the first Braves game played at Turner (which you and everyone else already knew).

    Why'd it take 15 minutes to figure it out. Well... step one is I researched every Cubs player to wear #1. Discovered the guy in the photo is Doug Glanville. Then I searched the years Glanville played on the Cubs (1996 & 1997). Then I looked up ever game log in those two seasons where he played in Atlanta.

    April 4th, 1997 is the only day where Sandberg hit behind Glanville. By the way... that's Brian McRae at the plate... bunting... which ended up being an out. The Braves won 5-4.

    1. It would've taken me three days to do what you did in 15 minutes, lol. Yes, Opening Day Turner Field. Now, I know.

    2. Then I'll consider it good use of my time. :)