Thursday, April 12, 2018

ComC part 2: Hank Aaron additions

The second part of my last ComC order were all Hank Aaron cards. I had planned on posted these Sunday the 8th in honor of that special Day for #715, but alas I didn't post.

And no longer imprisoned.

The 75' is a mini. The 2017 is a SP.

More recent cards, but needed none the less.

Thats' all folks. Well, for tonight anyway. I picked up a handful of Aarons at last weekend's card show too.

Have a great night!


  1. Great cards of Hammering Hank! I really love that 58 All Star

  2. I don't think a bad card of Hank Aaron exists.

  3. '58 Topps All-Stars are a thing of beauty.

  4. I saw some discussion on either Net54 or one of the groups I'm in about removing cards from slabs. Do you alert the companies either by email, or sending in the tags, that they have been opened? I guess sometimes they will then delete them from pop reports. I hadn't heard of that before so I'm wondering how commonplace that is.

    1. I don't, and I don't know anyone who does let them know. I will say this, I am so "anti-slabbing" /grading, etc that I could care less about those companies and their records. I know that seems mean. It's been proven that they all have gotten some wrong (a lot)(in other words certified as authentic and they're counterfeits), this according to JSA it is not just a rare happening. Yes, they (BVG< PSA)are better than nothing, but I have no need of them, I trust my own knowledge and experience. I would however like to screw up the grading companies populations reports so that their pricing is also inaccurate (making them bogus) whether positive/negative just so that it goes away. I blame them for the outrageous pricing that has happened since they began. Think about it, if 1/3 of the cards slabbed are opened, but you don't know, then the populations are off. Therefore, why pay/sell anyone's asking/buy price especially one based/quoting pop. reports. Just because a slab is opened doesn't mean that that card is no longer the same grade, nor does it account for how many people NEVER send their Mint or even Gem Mint cards in to be graded. Grading is just an excuse to charge more money as a business which sickens me. I think that a NM card whether graded or not should be the exact same price, and not that super high $ pricing. I feel that the value of a card of a player should be based on quantities produced vs. all of the other like cards first, then the players popularity and it shouldn't change much while active hot/cold unless say Aaron Judge all of sudden couldn't hit shit and it never ended (Mark Whiten story), then change the price. I believe that a card is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it, not the pricing set forth by Corporate establishment, ie Beckett, etc. I think vintage pricing shouldn't change either, I get a splurge after someone passes away, but then it should settle back down exactly where it was before the death, just like it used to. Basically, I don't trust a graded card to be what it says it is, just that it is more likely to be, and I'll never pay that kind of pricing. 3 weeks before Mantle died I purchased 21 different pre-1965 Topps and a 51 Bowman all is Gd-VG of Mantle raw ungraded for $800.00.That can't be done today. Heck I paid 25% of conditional book value (non graded) for that 69 graded PSA 7 Mickey Mantle a couple of months ago and I still feel like I was paying too much (yes, I busted that puppy out too). I buy a lot of cards, you know I do, and it is extremely rare I pay much more than 10-25% of conditional BV regardless of graded or not for EX-NM cards. I find those deals available every single week, you just have to drive. One of things I look forward to whenever I get back home, shows every week somewhere year round. Anyways, i rambled way too much. I hate graded cards, lol.