Thursday, April 26, 2018

My my my my my my "M" PC guys

Okay that was a lame attempt at "My Boogie Shoes".  Here are the M's.

Connie Mack: 4

Biz Mackey: zero for now.

Larry Macphail: zero for now, I know I have at least 1 in the rest that need sorted.

Lee Macphail: zero for now.

Greg Maddux: 572 different cards.

Effa Manley: zero

Mickey Mantle: 161 different (mostly modern day). What stinks is that 20 years ago I only needed the 52 to have them all back then.

Heinie Manush: 4

Rabitt Maranville: 1

Juan Marichal: 18

(this is one of those cards that require 4 copies in all).

Roger Maris: 29

Rube Marquard: 2

Dennis Martinez: 144 different.

Pedro Martinez: 194 different.

Eddie Mathews: 65 different. (I really want his 52 RC, I only need 3 of them).

Christy Mathewson: 21

I's really love to get a card of him sporting his Braves uniform.

Don Mattingly: 252 different.

Look at what his 84 Donruss was going for back in 1989.

Willie Mays: 65 different.

(another one of those cards that kill the bill(fold).

Bill Mazeroski: 2

Joe McCarthy: 2

Tommy McCarthy: zero for now. He was a Brave so I really need to land a couple.

Willie McCovey: 60 different.

Andrew McCutchen: 79 different.

Joe McGinnity: 1

Bill McGowan: zero for now.

John McGraw: 6

Fred McGriff: 304 different cards.

Not a whole lot difference these days.

Mark McGwire: 578 different cards.

Bill McKechnie: 1

Bid McPhee: zero

Joe Medwick: 5

Jose Mendez: zero for now, I have 1 in the other batch.

Johnny Mize: 12

Paul Molitor: 321 different cards.

Yoan Moncada: 11

Joe Morgan: 76 different.

Jack Morris: 16

Thurman Munson: 24

Dale Murphy: 259 different cards.

Eddie Murray: 259 different cards. (he and Murphy are racing).

Stan Musial: 50 different.

That wraps up the "M's".  2 Members to my "500 Club".  The next PC post should be short N & O's. Only 10 players, well 12 actually because I can put my 2 Ohtani's in there.

Have a great night.


  1. Dang, you definitely have a heck of a tracking system to pull that data up. Nice cards!

    1. LOL, it is on a piece of paper. I also have it on my website, Not sure where I left off though. I'll have to check that tomorrow.

  2. There are a lot of big names in the M's. That Mattingly card is a pretty cool oddball. Don't think I'm familiar with that card.

    1. It's one of those Sports Card Digest magazine card inserts.