Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Drum Roll....Please

Like yesterday, GIRLS:

This one goes into my 4th of July binder.

A view of the backside, pun intended.

Many for the Christmas binder.  Got two of Ms. Kita

These backs look great too.

had to through these vintage ladies in, because some of you might be into that kind of thing, lol.

What's baseball card blog without a baseball card. This is that Whitey I mentioned in the first post from this show.

Now that is the last of the oldies, so let's get back to.....

Love the apron.

Got two of Peggy.

Yeah, so I'm wondering if you know who enjoyed tonight's post.

Have a great night.


  1. I wish baseball players had as good and legible signatures as these lovely ladies. Great cards!

  2. I really, really need more Benchwarmers cards in my collection.

  3. Some really pretty girls in there!

  4. There was (probably still is) a eBay vendor with tons of these Bench Warmers autographs who offered combined shipping, so I targeted a bunch of Candace Kita, Lena Yada, and Flo Jalin. I didn't know who any of these women were, but they were hot and I figured Kita and Yada were probably Japanese, so they fit into my Japanese PC.

  5. guess the Wench Warmers set never took off...