Monday, April 23, 2018


I'm continuing with the cards I picked up in Jacksonville on the 7th. Non-sports vintage.

3 from the Wild West series. The smaller one is a 1948 Bowman, and I was lazy and haven't looked up the others.

This one is from the 1940 Lone Ranger set.

Needs no introduction. This one is a keeper and will go nicely in the holiday binder.

Okay, so maybe this qualifies as a sports card.

These oldies can teach you to speak Swahili!

Complete with puzzle backs. Not the set of course.

Wrapping up with a "Laugh in". Pun intended. Tomorrow will be an interesting post. More non-sports.

Have a great night.


  1. That is a pretty good selection of non-sports. Looking forward to tomorrow!

  2. Great stuff, must have been a pretty solid show.

  3. Love the 56T Presidents set. Gotta find me a copy of the Declaration of Independence card.