Saturday, April 21, 2018

Holy Smokes...

Sometime last year I found that there was a "card" store here in Valdosta (it was new). I stopped in back then and found it 99% gaming. Only a single box of sports cards covering 70's-current then. I stopped in today (Friday), just to see how it was doing. And there was a whole lot more sports cards. i spoke with the owner, really it is still 99% gaming. However, he had brought in and bought some more baseball cards. He now has about 10 monster boxes of cards from the last 3 years. he had one box of vintage. He also has a binder of very nice vintage cards, that he and I will be trading cards for. that was supposed to be tomorrow, but I shot the passenger rear vent window out of my uncle's van with a slingshot today, don't ask it happened. I will be trying to get that replaced tomorrow even though I know it's unlikely, but I have to try. So it maybe a week or two before I get that binder.

The shoebox there only had 1 side with cards. These were in the box. Not in the greatest of shape. That Lou Brock was by far the worst. I'd say 75% of them were gd-vg.

HUGE stack of 65's.....

and 66's. I managed to find a couple hundred that I needed whereas most will need to be upgraded. leaving me with about 250ish that go into the dupe/trade boxes.

Question.  What did I pay for these cards, all of which are pictured above? Yes, there were some stars and Hofers. No Mantles. lol.  (I wrote this last night and posting today).


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    1. Bingo! Not bad for over 500 vintage 60's plus a some Hostess, Kelloggs, and Post. Makes them well worth a dime, even the ones with writing on them, lol.

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    1. What's really great, is I've got a local (Valdosta)trading buddy now, and somewhere to dump all that FB and BKB, and non sports stuff too. Yippee.

  3. This makes me want to check my poor excuse for a card shop to see if one little corner of it has wised up.

  4. Those would be priced at $5-10 a pop at the card shop where I live.

  5. Great stuff! I've been trying to nail down some Pete Rose Kellogg's and Hostess. Can't believe how much they sell for. For a guy so many people dislike... his cards still hold some value.

  6. That's a pretty cool find, but I want to hear more about this slingshot incident.

    1. Not much to say, I had a 1/4" shot loaded in a slingshot and started walking, I stubbed my foot and let go completely shattering the rear quarter window on his Town & Country van.