Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Say What???????

I grabbed MOST of these goodies from a different vendor.

That 52 Topps, 53 Bowman Rizzuto, and the 2 54 Bowmans came from my favorite vendor. The rest came in a monster box (3000 count) box of vintage. Nice thick stack of 58's & 59's. Most of these suckers are in great shape too.

All of the vintage was in top loaders, so there weren't 3K cards. Also noting that several hundred were 1970-71 Basketball, and the same for some 50's and 60's Football.  But still, look at the size of the stack of 61's, and that stack of 60's ain't shabby.  There is a Whitey Ford among those 60's that came from the other vendor (my fav). There were 3 of the Alou's too.

Huge stack of 65's.

There were fair amount of 69's, but the rest of these are thin.

Good chunk of 74's.

and 76's & 77's.

Fat stack of 1980 too. I dropped 2 Benjamin's for the vintage box, and though there weren't a lot of super stars there were some and 95% of the cards were EX, albeit the 65's were VG. Not bad at apx. a dime a piece.

That's all for today folks, plenty more to see so y'all come back now ya hear.


  1. Your card show purchases never cease to amaze me!

  2. Dang... that's a huge stack of 65's! And Hertzog looks so young on that 61T card.

  3. Good lord that is amazing. Congrats!