Sunday, April 1, 2018

So you like Odd Balls.....

If you like odd balls, this post has them.

Look at this overall pic.



This is 1 of the screenshots from Ebay.  It was a BIN $19.99 with free shipping. DONE!

Lets break them into groups (multiple posts).

First up is that complete 1994 Lykes complete team set all still attached (35 in a11). Some are creased a bit, mainly the top row and the next to last row. It is the far left in the above scan. And even though I am tempted to "un" perforate them I won't. I will leave it intact as is.

Next......Let's see....... Who likes pocket schedules? I do, if it is a Braves schedule. When I was a kid, Had to find one from the Piggly Wiggly though. Those were the ones i wanted. But I no longer have any of those childhood mementos. I had just 1 from 1986 before obtaining this auction.

Now look at what I have.


Even when the fronts appear the same, sometimes the backs are different. But not in the case of the two 1993 skeds  above.


Now, that is the case with the 2 (top right) 1995 skeds. I showed the coolest back of the pair. Also true with the 3 1997 in the middle row.

Tomorrow or the next day I'll do the tickets/stubs that came in this oddball package.

Now I just need skeds of the following years: 1985 and earlier, 89, 99, 01, 02, 04, 05,  07-18


  1. My eyes suck... so I can barely make out the complete haul. But you're off to a great start with these pocket schedules. I never thought about collecting them before, but then someone sent me a bunch, so I have a little collection going.

  2. It's a nice collection. I have a bunch from fan packs. I need to get them organized. They'd be nice in a binder.