Friday, April 27, 2018

One more thing

Just one more thing from the LCS pick up I made last week.

I'm seeing double double, how about you? This card will get you if you stare too long at it. Give it a try.

I might as well show a few more cards that didn't come from the LCS.

These purple Optic cards are gorgeous.

I grabbed the complete purple set for $10.00 on Ebay, stealllllllll! of course I broke it up for the DK's and Braves, and PC's. 

There were 2 problems though. I got 2 Fielder's and no Stanton (problem 1).

Problem 2 is that the Kershaw was bent. You can see the crease above. I contacted the seller right away (last Friday when they arrived). He said he was going to a show on Saturday and would pick them up. Fantastic. Saturday night he messaged me saying there weren't any at the show, so he bought them on Ebay and would send them when he got them. He e-mailed me yesterday letting me know he put them in the mail. Now that is good seller. Great communication and doing what it takes to make it right even on such a loss as you know he had more than $10.00 into the set. Eastpointe something or nother.

Have a great night. Posting Bo's vintage tomorrow.


  1. John Hiller! Nice.. I ended up getting one of them a little while back from COMC.
    My friend's father went to high school with Hiller.

  2. Nice to read a positive eBay customer service experience.