Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Say What???????

I grabbed MOST of these goodies from a different vendor.

That 52 Topps, 53 Bowman Rizzuto, and the 2 54 Bowmans came from my favorite vendor. The rest came in a monster box (3000 count) box of vintage. Nice thick stack of 58's & 59's. Most of these suckers are in great shape too.

All of the vintage was in top loaders, so there weren't 3K cards. Also noting that several hundred were 1970-71 Basketball, and the same for some 50's and 60's Football.  But still, look at the size of the stack of 61's, and that stack of 60's ain't shabby.  There is a Whitey Ford among those 60's that came from the other vendor (my fav). There were 3 of the Alou's too.

Huge stack of 65's.

There were fair amount of 69's, but the rest of these are thin.

Good chunk of 74's.

and 76's & 77's.

Fat stack of 1980 too. I dropped 2 Benjamin's for the vintage box, and though there weren't a lot of super stars there were some and 95% of the cards were EX, albeit the 65's were VG. Not bad at apx. a dime a piece.

That's all for today folks, plenty more to see so y'all come back now ya hear.


  1. Your card show purchases never cease to amaze me!

  2. Great vintage stuff there!

  3. Dang... that's a huge stack of 65's! And Hertzog looks so young on that 61T card.

  4. Good lord that is amazing. Congrats!