Tuesday, August 1, 2017

More from Box

As mentioned yesterday it was a great mail day.  Going to throw a few in here to get them done.

I got this GEM of an Eddie Mathews from P-Town Tom. Now I did already have this one in the Braves team set, and also in the set build, but I needed one for the EM PC! And yes, it was broken out of it's prison.

These 5 gorgeous cards also came from Tom as part of a little trade we did. Almost getting there to knock this set out fast. The Eddie was just a bonus, thanks Tom.

This 12 pack came via an OCT bud Griffin Cole. I hardly have any A&G from this year, in fact this trade may have just doubled what I have. I need a lot of help here.

Yep, another bunch of current inserts from my OCT buddy Bob D'Angelo.

All of the above are keepers, and......

these are starting new stacks for some blogging buds.