Friday, August 11, 2017

More from the Show: 1972 Style

To begin with I don't/didn't have many 1972 Topps cards. I remember reader Mark Hoyle had sent me some a year or two ago which doubled the number I had at that time to give you an idea. I probably added a  handful since then. That is until last Saturday.

There are a few big names in there. But, the best part about these cards are the condition, just fantastic.

Some more recognizable names.

I'm still astonished on how crisp these cards are.

One of my regular stops for vintage at the Jax. card show. I have always thought about making an offer on the vintage boxes he sets up out of and just has the boxes to restock his cases if need be. What you see in the above scans are just some highlights. I was making a joke to the guy and said one of these days I'll have to buy those boxes from you. He smiled, said that would be okay. I jokingly said normally I'd only go .50 per box, but in this case I'll do a dollar. He again smiled, shaking his head from side to side. So, I figure he was in a good mood, and I asked about one of the boxes: 1972's. He flipped through it real quick and said there some stars in there and a lot of $4.00 commons. He said $50.00, I countered with $40.00 and he agreed. There were 232 different cards inside.

This is the list of cards I got.

72 Topps even has a few puzzle back cards.

As you can tell by the cards backs nice and crisp, love it.  .1793 cents apiece. SWEET!!!!!!!

The newly updated want list for my 1972 Topps Set build. I guess I should explain some of the "marks" . A dot over the number = need to upgrade the set build card I have. A line under a number = A Braves card that I have in the team build. The word UP above a number is a Braves card that needs upgraded. These are the sheets I carry to card shows, but have never once took them inside, LOL.

Feel free to send me all of those 700's I need.

17.9 cents, WOW! I can no longer say I don't have many 72's.