Friday, August 4, 2017

Dansby Swanson (yesterday's post)

I tried to schedule this to post last night. It didn't work, oh well. You'll get two today.

I picked up an Ebay lot of 10 Dansby cards.

Box Loader was the real draw. More on this one in a minute.

Needed all 6 of these making it 7 out of the 10 I needed for the Braves team sets. The 3 others were dupes from above. The Heritage RC and both Platinum cards. For 9.50 + 3.50 shipping I was able to add the 7 new Dansby cards which is a steal if you judge it by the costs of his cards.

Now back to the Box Loader.

The seller wrapped the card inside a flat rate bag and placed it in a bubble mailer where the other 9 cards were.

but it got bent. Obviously in transit, but it could have been packed better, like cardboard after all it is an over sized card.

It was bent too. So I reached out to the seller and he knocked 3.00 off and sent a refund.  I feel okay with that, but dang.


  1. That's annoying. At least he knocked off a few bucks, but shouldn't have happened.

    Seems like a good chance to buy low on Dansby right now.

  2. bummer. perhaps a rookie seller? either way, that stinks. The box loaders are nice looking cards.

  3. I've purchased 5"x7" cards from three different sellers on Ebay recently and this was my biggest fear. With the amount everyone charges for shipping though, it should never be a concern. Thankfully all sellers actually went the actual mile and placed the cards in large top holders. I didn't know they even made them that big!

  4. That sucks! That eBay vendor dropped the ball. Glad he owned it and offered a partial refund.