Sunday, August 20, 2017

Welcome Back

Kotter that is.  When I was at the card show 2 weeks ago I picked up some non sports cards. A complete set of Welcome Back Kotter cards (shown here tonight), and 1 plus sets of Happy Days. The plus comes from  one complete series PLUS a partial OpeeChee set of that Series, and and a partial set of another series of Happy Days Topps as well as OPC there. Now I did pick up one baseball set from vendor Fred (he is one of my favorites, the one that someone grabbed up all of the 2017 cards before I got there as we were an hour behind schedule that day).  Fred always has a lot of vintage non sports stuff, so I knew he'd be a good chance for my sister Jan to find something she'd like. He most definitely did. She collects playing cards, and he pulled out some that he said were from 1909, 6 in all and in rough shape but not bad. When I looked them up they were actually from an 1890 set, that was super cool but not as cool as the $2.00 price tag for the 6 cards. Jan had a blast.
Now to the baseball cards first. (I didn't scan her cards, I wish I had).

I believe I already had this set, at least I know for certain that I have many of them anyways. But, I grabbed them up just in case. Worse case scenario, I can most of them in the No Hitters binder.

Now a walk down memory lane.

No, that Marvel checklist didn't come with the Kotter cards. i scanned it because the Kotter cards remind me so much from that sticker set, which I do have some stickers (at home).

Here in Georgia I just have these puzzles pieces.  Back to the Kotter cards.

The backs can be interesting too.

and some of the cards have puzzle pieces too.

Have a great week!


  1. Hey, Mr. Kot-tair! Good memories with that show, although it doesn't hold up well at all.

    I don't think I've ever seen that Nolan Ryan set.

  2. Can't wait to see the Happy Days set you picked up. That's a vintage non-sports set I might need to eventually track down.

    1. I hadn"t planned on scanning them, but I guess I can. I thought that I may have did the set from the haul last summer.

  3. Takes me back. Like so many shows I think I actually like the theme song better than the show.