Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Wacky Wednesday: A new run ANS 12

In 2014 Topps released it's next ANS (12). And just like the previous release it is SUPER LOADED with what I call.  OVERBOARD!!!!!. No, not the movie with Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn.
For starters: The base set contains 2 backs for each base sticker and make up a 110 card set, but there are only 55 different stickers (fronts). Secondly, They have parallels too and yes the variations are paralleled as well! Here are the parallels: Silver A and B, Gold AB, Red AB, Pattern AB, Wacky AB, Pencil AB, Ludlow Black & Ludlow Red, and let's not forget printing plates. And just to make it a little more harder to get a "master" set, they've included a ton of insert sets like: Ridiculous, Terrible TV, Bonuses, Lost, Patch, Medallions with variations. GEEZ LOUISE, money grubbing sonsaditches.

Okay, I ranted enough, let's look at what I'm talking about.

View from the front of the first 4 cards!

View from the back. Just for kicks, I flipped the wrapped over too. Wait a minute.... I see two different colored borders on those puzzles pieces.

The remaining stickers for the first 9 (I left the other one (9) out on purpose).

Puzzle #1. The Blue one. Or is it #2?

The Red puzzle.

To save time and effort the rest of the post's from this series will carry a different format, one I hope you appreciate without the redundancies.


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  1. Cream of Feet? so disgustingly awesome! I love Catburglar Helper tho - gotta get that one!