Friday, August 4, 2017

Anniversay: Blogiversary YEAR 4 and something more

It was on this date 4 years ago that this ole boy made his first post. I didn't know how to put pictures, scans, or anything else into the posts other than the words I typed. It wasn't much of post, in fact it took about 6 months for me to get scans into my posts. I want to say thanks (again) to a few of you fellow bloggers who helped me out during those first 6 months. I'm not much of techy/techie never have been and I can't say that I'm much better off today than I was 4 years ago other than the scans. I've got that down!

Here is that very first post:

This is all new to me: blogging to "trade sportscards" A New Hope

Forgive me in advance for the simplicity, this is my very first blog. I'm not very techy, but I will learn.

After being away from "our" hobby for many years now I decided to go through my old card collection, and it has definitely "fired me up" again. For the last couple of months digging through search engines looking to find card traders (when I last traded cards, AOL had groups for that, and it was super easy, made tons of trades that way, it doesn't exist anymore :( ), ultimately finding a handful of groups that I have or am planning on joining. Still because I mainly collect John Elway cards and whatever I can get my hands on of him, makes trading hard in the groups especially the vintage groups difficult. (I have cards dating back to the "White Border T206" and other 1930's tobacco cards) I can hit their want lists (they all seem to want my Mickey Mantle cards), but they usually do not have Elway. Thus, I've been frustrated, until this past weekend. I stumbled across some blogs, via search engine, and read them.

 I believe that this "blogging" thing is an awesome way of getting into groups that help each other with their collecting needs no matter how limited they are. The frustration from the past several weeks is fading away, I see "New Hope" on the horizon.  this is a link to what I have listed and what I need. I truly focus on the John Elway (highest priority) cards for my needs, but I do collect the old school Wackys (2nd priority) and looking to build as best I can the T206 (lowest priority) more of a prove a theory than anything else, we can save that for a later blog though.

Thanks for reading,


It wasn't much, but as time has told us I was right. Collecting is easier through blogs. Of course my priorities have changed, as you can tell from the above post. I still have high priorities for Elway, Wacky Packages, and T206 cards, but they are seldom hit via trades. Bob D'Angelo and Wes Moore seem to be the guys that hit needs to Elway the most. Now this could be that there isn't a good source for anyone to see what John Elway cards I actually need, but hey that really is way too much work for this non techie. Then again there really isn't a want list up regarding any of those collections that add up to a hill of beans (country southern terminology).

I thought about not putting up a scan for this post as a celebration of sorts being that this is a "double dip" (commemorating post #900 tomorrow). Still not sure as I write this, but we'll see if I do, LOL! Yeah, I'm not putting a scan in.

I have decided it is the perfect time for another CONTEST. Simple rules, follow this blog, and comment on this post today Saturday or by midnight EST tomorrow Sunday. Not saying what the prize is, you'll have to be surprised. 

Thanks for the last 4 years of tolerating my on/off themes and often less wordy posts. And a special thanks to all y'all non Braves fans for enduring all that very precious Braves cardboard!

Have a great weekend! I'm off to a card show!