Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Coincidence or Fate?

Which is it?  This past weekend I pulled the trigger on Ebay for a set or near set (missing the key card plus 1 other) of 1984 OPC. The Key card being Mattingly RC and the other card was Ripken. I had been watching this set for almost 2 months. It was relisted of course. Go figure, yesterday in the mail from an OCTer bud I get a partial set with most but not all of the stars pulled out. This works for me, because of all of the "different" collections I have going on.

Love that Japan thing. Not your everyday cardboard now is it?

This one I actually needed for my Braves team set, it closed it out, yeah! Of course, I will still need one for the PC.

This one goes into the Birthday Binders.

Some for the PC's.

More for the PC's.

See not all of the stars were pulled out.  Now if I could just get someone to send me that Cal and Donnie Boy......


  1. I purchased this set to get my hands on the Strawberry and Mattingly rookie cards. Best of luck tracking down Cal & Don.