Monday, August 28, 2017

Big Trade Post

Still trying to get caught up with the incoming packages.

Not long back Bo reached out about some 85 OPC cards I had available. I pulled 151 for his want list, and in return Bo sent me some needed Braves you see above and below.

What you don't see are the stack of 1995 Donruss he sent for my set build.

Nor do you see the huge stack of Bowman's (flagship Bowman, that is) for those set builds.

I must say this, because I WANT, NEED, MUST HAVE every Braves card I do HATE all the mumbo jumbo sets that make up Bowman. BP, BCP, DP, BDP, BDPP, etc, seems like there are a hundred different sets each year (2000's). Even though they've changed it up quite a bit these days with the 3 separate sets in one, and then also one of them comes as it's own release, I still don't like that either. For that reason, I only collect the flagship Bowman set and I really wish Topps would just drop them all together. Other than Braves and PC guys I don't want no stinking crazy "stuff" from Bowman.
I got side tracked, sorry.   Thanks Bo, for trade.

Next up we have cards from.....

Mr. Mark Fujimoto.

I have no idea how I didn't already own the Glavine SI for Kids card. The Heyward is a SUPER SWEET  looking card in hand. I didn't even know that insert set was out there.

Mark sent me some non Braves cards too, but I am only showing the Braves. And yes, that is an Atlanta Braves Sheffield card, even if Beckett can't read the writing on the front of the card.

Two more sweet packages with lots of Braves getting removed from the want list, thanks Mark, and again thanks Bo.

One more big package to show off tomorrow from Julie who really "Cracked one out of the park"


  1. Bo and Mark did excellent work here! A lot of color in this trade post!

  2. Sorry I didn't take the time to add any shadow shots to the package ;)

    1. no worries, i should be heading to north ga. soon to peek at a 250K lot

  3. Yeah, Bowman is a pain in the behind, but if you've got to have them all . . .

    250K cards, holy cow. That's 50 5,000 boxes. It would probably kill me.

    1. supposedly there are 60 of those monster boxes, but estimating 250K as I'm sure all of them aren't packed jammed tight.