Friday, August 4, 2017

2017 Optic Diamond Kings

I collect Diamond Kings, not the DK set but the base, insert, and parallel versions of the cards.

So, when I seen a 45 card lot of the current Optic set I had to throw down a bid. Not a complete set and dupes/trips (15 total), but I thought I was happy with the winning bid of 15.50. The cheapest of these things are $2, some $5 or more.

Leaving me with 24 of 30 or 80% complete. But by the time these arrived, I had bid and won another complete set of them for $11.09 delivered, nearly half of what I previously paid. granted I wanted the extras in the first lot because of PC needs. I had bid on the other lot because I had planned on building this set, but I have decided not too.

The complete set showed up today, and now I can pick my PC guys out of the ones above and put the rest with the already have extras.  The main ones missing from the first lot, oh just Trout, Correa, and a guy named Mickey Mantle!  If I hadn't already scanned these for tonight, I would scan the complete 30 card set, or the 6 missing from above, but I'm being lazy, just got back from FL (home) today for my Uncle's 94th birthday, and I'm running the 2.5 hrs each way to the Jax. card show tomorrow, so I forgive myself.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Lucas Giolito was the White Sox player in the DK set? Ouch. That's some poor player selection right there by Panini.

    Have fun at the Jacksonville show!