Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Dime Box Diggin!

As promised, the .10 cards. No need for me to say too much other than they all came from 2 vendors that I usually don't buy this type of cards from.

One box that I grabbed up was mixed with some football, basketball, and baseball. I even found 2 Elways. The first one I already have pretty sure, and pretty sure I don't have the second one.

The bulk of the cards tonight and probably Thursday too are from this same vendor, the other guy (my buddy Eddie) I scooped up a couple hundred A&G and a handful of TSC from this year.

all from Eddie. I wound up only getting 3 TSC that I needed for the set build, but I needed nearly everyone of the A & G. No complaints though, not at a dime a piece.

These are just some highlights of course. I did grab about 200 cards for this set.

Ordinarily, I wouldn't have grabbed those 3 Mac's above, but to get the cards for a dime a piece I had to take the whole box doubles and all. Still not complaining though.

Yep, ten cents each, not bad but wait til Thursday.


  1. I hadn't seen those Donruss Breakouts. Cool card!

  2. Dime box A&G inserts? I'd be all over them too. Love that Ichiro sparkly parallel as well.

  3. That's a good dime box...why don't you send one of those type of boxes down to my LCS!