Thursday, February 19, 2015

A little of everything

Is your zip code below?

27314, 97213, 07030, 55419, 30350, and 11572. And 02766, 60586....On their way!

We will start off the scans with two for the Lincoln Files. First up we have 1979 Topps Comics. Came from the Bay near complete set 27/33.

I already had the Niekro, but needed the Horner. DONE!

 The ones below, I do not have to have and will be going into the 3K box of inserts/oddballs that I plan on trading away this year. Sorry guys, the ones above are already in there resting place.

What did it run??

Now these next cards came from my buddy Bob the flea market vendor for a Lincoln.

Yeah that is a bent corner on the Star Quest, but hey if you ain't got one, it's better than not having one.

Usually I have luck when scanning the Sportflics cards, not this time. Two of those are from the 1986 Rookies set, and the other two are from the 1986 Triple Action set.

I thought I had all four of these already, needless to say I was glad that I grabbed them up because I didn't have them.

I didn't care about the crease on the last card there. All four for the birthday binders with 2 of those Irvins were super sweet not to mention the SP Yount.

I did have the Johnson, but needed one for the birthday binders along with that Irvin. Who would pass up on the Paige?

I wish that credit was given to the A's for bringing Paige back for those THREE innings so that he could qualify for the pension.  PROPS to the A's. Either way glad to have him and to be wearing an Atlanta Braves uniform where he coached in 1968 is just awesome!

The last cards from BOB was that 2nd year Carter for the Rookie Cup binder.

Next up are some cards I got from reader John Hazen.

Thank you John


  1. I've never seen those Bazooka comics. Very cool!

  2. AJ, I couldn't believe I got them for what I did.

  3. Haven't created hobby goals in a couple of years... but that's about to change:

    2015 Hobby Goal: Buy a 1979 Topps Comics set. Those are awesome!

  4. I will put the ones that didnt hit player binders in with the stack I am building for you.

  5. Whoa, if I can pry that JR Richard out of your hands I could definitely use it.