Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Tuesday cards from Tony L

Tony L from (off hiatus) sent along some Bravos for me. tony took time to look over the want list page 1 and decided to hit up my oddball. I have always had a thing for inserts and odd ball items especially when they are cards.  Tony not only hit me with the odd balls, but also some team "set killers".

Complete 55 card deck (3 wild cards). I do want doubles of the four cards you see here, so that I can have cards in the Hall Worthy binders and also keep the Deck complete.

Tony originally reached out to see if I needed the above 1992 Bicycle U.S. Playing Cards Braves World Series deck. It wasn't listed on my want page, because I didn't know about it. I said yes and he sent it along with the following set killers.

1989 Bowman, the last one needed. DONE!

1987 Leaf. DONE!

1989 & 1990 Donruss. DONE! I do still want/need the factory correct version of Nezlek in the 90 set.


1987 Classic, green back version. DONE! 



1988 All Stars.  DONE!

1987 Fleer minis.  DONE!

All 3 sets above DONE!


1984 Donruss Action All Stars. DONE!

Thought I had this one, but nope. It would also look pretty good in the Flag/Patriotic Binder. So I guess I want another 1986 Donruss fold out Pop-up. DONE!

All DONE!   I love Kelloggs!

The Lemke is Museum Collection parallel. The Klesko is the Silver Signature.

The most exciting card that Tony packaged up for me was the one you see below.

Yepper!.  Awesome!  Because this Jim Dandy card I have worked up an incredible return for Tony.  Evil Grin. He as most of you know is a Brewers, rather Miluakee Fan, beit Braves or Brewers, and Yount fan. I can't wait for him to get the package I'm mailing out this week.

These are 2014 minis.

Oops!, I forgot to rotate them. sorry.

More mini stickers.

More mini stickers.

Another Kelloggs, but this one wasn't a set killer.

More mini stickers and cards.

I somehow missed cropping this page. Lovin that 72!

Didn't have or know about that National convention card either.

A big dent in this set.

From top to bottom a fantastic package, highlighted by that Goudey!   Thanks Tony.

Just wait.....


  1. John, you hit me up with such a huge package before the first of the year that this was just a drop in the bucket! I'm glad you enjoyed these.

  2. Great bunch of cards from Tony. I think I sent that same Goudey to Wes at Jaybarkerfan a few months ago. You killed a ton of sets

    1. That's pretty cool, Mark. I actually pulled this one myself out of a 2008 Hobby box of Goudey that I bought when I first got back into collecting and was buying nearly anything to rip through!

  3. Reply to Tony: Well, just wait and see what leaves the Gator Country tomorrow. In fact I couldn't fit it ALL in a large flat rate, so I now have another load I will be working on for the next month or so.