Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Wednesday full of goodies from Wes

The most generous BLOGGER, yeah I wrote that! We are all appreciative that Wes (jaybarkerfansjunk) is back blogging and still dropping boxes of cards in our mailboxes too (not that he ever stopped that)! I recently was graced with such a box from Wes, so before I forget THANK YOU! And get me some more of that Braves have list of yours. D and after please.  LOL!

First up, we have a couple of cards that I didn't need in my "team sets" binder. However, these two fit nicely into my Franken-Set binder, which foolishly I haven't checked any of the doubles  I got in the last 6-8 months, shame on me.  I really should start back my Franken Fridays. Keeps me on top of that situation.  Wes was kind enough to send multiples of that Glavine, which I have placed one of them into the Glavine Binder (Hall Worthy Binders). The Braves cards in those binders may seem lacking at times, as I may and probably do have most of the base cards that do not show up there because they are with the "team sets".  Oh well.

Next up are some 2013 base mini cards.

and a couple more.

And a 2012 album sticker.

The Hampton is a refractor. I'm not sure what is going on with that McCann, no number or any of the normal back for Topps 206.

I did have that Maddux and Glavine in the team sets, but I needed them for the Hall Worthy binder, and still need another one of each for the mini collection of Pitchers at the plate/base paths.
The Lombard card is so awesome, I am sure Jedi probably has one already. I do want another one for my Flag/patriotic mini collection.

I was quite surprised to find out that I did need that Chipper in the middle.

Some Bowman goodness.

I am not sure which parallel that Vines Bowman Heritage card is, mahoghany or red. But it is a sweet card, a little dark, but sweet either way. McCann is the die cut version.

That Giles shot is awesome, I should have rotated the scan for that one.

First card McCann, I had the gold version, but needed the base. The Stanton Gold card from 1992, I need nearly all of the gold from this set, unlike 1993 where I had the gold set before the base, LOL.
Funny story about the Chambliss in the middle. It was the last one needed for that team set, and I should be getting another one in today from Just Commons, but Wes beat him to the punch. The Heyward is HTA #6, my first from this set, likewise that is my first 2014 Elite card too.

Maybe I should re-title this post as "Red Hot Wesnessday"

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